Case Study: Native Union

Case Study: Native Union

About Native Union

Disenchanted by the nondescript plastics that fill the tech accessories space, Igor Duc and John Brunner set out to offer refined alternatives that enhance the way we live with our tech. Born out of this shared love of good design and quality products, Native Union combines the finest handpicked materials, thoughtful design, and considered details to create products with personality that empower the modern lifestyle.

Native Union is a multi-national brand with an international team in Hong Kong, Paris, and Los Angeles, crafting everyday solutions for an audience just as global.


The Situation

Found in Apple stores and electronics stores across the globe, Native Union is obliged to match online and brick-and-mortar prices in all regions. On BigCommerce, that meant managing 6 storefronts. While replatforming, Shopify seemed like a great solution, but Native Union ran into a number of problems price matching by region.

  • The limitations of the Shopify platform meant that Native Union would still have to manage a separate storefront domain for every international currency, increasing operational complexity.
  • Separate domains mean separate management of price books, inventory, marketing campaigns, SEO, administration, and support for each international storefront.
  • Native Union’s focus on thoughtful design extends to the customer experience. Redirects and poor UI are out of the question, so other providers wouldn’t do.

Then, Native Union found Reach.


“By partnering with Reach, we were able to offer all of our global price books to our shoppers around the world, all through one Shopify Plus site. Their flexible technology and knowledgeable team allowed us to easily scale our international sales, while minimizing the operational costs of maintaining multiple storefronts.”

— Arthur Maitre, Head of E-Commerce at Native Union


The Solution

Because Reach is unique in the industry in its ability to offer Shopify merchants a single native checkout for all international transactions, Shopify introduced Native Union to Reach. Unlike other providers that require a stilted customer checkout process or awkward redirects, Reach was a natural choice to for the design-focused Native Union.

Creating products with enhanced functionality and refined style is core to the mission of Native Union. With Reach, this mission is extended through their customer’s online experience, no matter where that customer lives.


The Outcome

By partnering with Reach, Native Union had a successful replatform to Shopify Plus and can now offer multiple fixed pricing books through a single storefront with an effortlessly elegant checkout.

Single Storefront

Native Union can manage multiple price books for each country, all in one place. Reach optimizes the Native Union store to dynamically display everything based on customer location.


Granular Pricing Strategy

With Reach, Native Union can set rounded or fixed local pricing based on currency, country, or even at a level down to a single product.


Local Payment Methods

Native Union can now offer alternative payment methods that global customers are actually using.


Seamless Shopify Checkout

With Reach, Native Union won’t lose customers to a redirect. Reach provides a seamless, integrated checkout experience with robust data analytics.


Reach helps online retailers succeed.

Be Relevant. Reach helps retailers increase global sales by providing local connections to our global payments core. Our comprehensive platform designed specifically for retailers simplifies and accelerates the retailer global journey by providing local payments connections, transactional FX tools, and fully managed global fraud solutions.


Reach simplifies cross-border ecommerce for forward-thinking organizations with ambitious global expansion goals.

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