Installment Payments Go Global

Reach Now Offers Klarna as a Payment Method for Cross-Border Transactions

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 - Reach, a global leader in providing cross-border transactions for businesses and consumers, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Klarna to offer installment payments as a payment method for online merchants. Installment payments are rapidly growing as one of the most in-demand payment methods for consumers, and by integrating with Reach, businesses can now implement this option for cross-border sales while rapidly expanding their global customer base.

Klarna, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is the FinTech market leader in the installment payments space. And while this popular payment method has been traditionally limited to domestic transactions, Reach is leveraging its extensive Merchant of Record network to allow installment payments to be accepted for any business that wishes to offer it for cross-border transactions. 

Integrating with Reach is fast and simple. Its new powerful and fully customizable Drop-In plugin requires only a few lines of code and provides comprehensive access to world-leading FX. Additionally, Reach offers an advanced multi-factor fraud prevention system, allows a business to display its checkout in 36 languages, display pricing in customers’ local currency, and accept the most popular international payment methods.

Reach simplifies cross-border ecommerce for forward-thinking organizations with ambitious global expansion goals. Its unique Merchant of Record model eliminates complexity, risk and compliance barriers around the world, turning every international buyer into a local buyer. By leveraging Reach as the Merchant of Record and accessing its vast payments network, businesses can increase conversions, reduce costs, and offset compliance risk.

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Andrew Cunningham
Head of Marketing & Media